The Flash TV series – Teaser & 5 minute trailer

As if the new Batman suit didn’t look enough like the Daredevil suit…

Today we got a first look at the new television series for The Flash, which you can see in the 1 minute clip below:

I must say that this initial teaser trailer featuring Oliver Queen from Arrow had me in two minds about the whole Flash series.

I hadn’t seen past episode 1 of season 1 of Arrow- I just couldn’t get through it, despite the hype from many friends and other series fans all over the internet. Even the 8.2/10 rating on IMDb didn’t do it for me. 

So when I saw this Oliver Queen dude literally taking up most of the teaser trailer for The Flash, my immediate thought was that I would have to binge-watch 2 Seasons (48 episodes) of Arrow to keep up with what is happening in the universe that these 2 characters share.

Then, a few hours later, came the extended trailer that offers a more detailed 5 minute look at the history and experiences of Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash.

And this blew my mind! Let’s first just say that he CGI is amazing! Look at that tornado thing, just look at it. And when he runs, that epic fiery electric field is so cool! Okay enough of that now.

Beyond aesthetics, the trailer has all the makings of a perfect intro to any super hero. I experienced some nostalgia thinking about how the journeys of many heroes unfold when they discover their powers, and I think the show runners of The Flash have nailed it, if the trailer is anything to go by.

All vital aspects of character development are present; from the dark past; to the obsession about finding out what happened; to the freak science accident; the weird moment of experiencing one’s power for the first time; testing said power; discovering a villain; and discovering one’s self (i.e getting a suit and a mantra set)… it’s all in the trailer, which gives me hope that while this journey of discovery will be a dominant theme in the first season, the show runners definitely have a lot more detail to delve into (since they’ve given so much away, so early).

I’m now officially looking forward to this one! What do you guys think of the trailer? and what do you think of so many super heroes coming to television? Do you think this is a trend likely to continue well into the future, or will it all fade out?

And just because it’s Throwback Thursday, check out the opening title for the 1990 version of The Flash TV series.

About the Author: Stephen is a film-loving dude with way more movie than comic knowledge. Also, he thinks it’s ironic that The Flash TV series is taking so long to get here.


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