6 Life Lessons From 500 Days of Summer

I’ve watched 500 Days of Summer quite a few times. It’s my favourite romance film because it is an anti-love story. It speaks the truth on so many levels and I have discovered quite a few things about love and life while watching it. Here are a few of those lessons:

1. Oh, she broke up with you? Time to break plates!

Summer breaks up with Tom. Tom is upset. His best friends can’t console him. Hide the tableware!

Being dumped is not fun. Some guys go to strip clubs. Some guys watch tons of porn. But nothing is better than physical venting.


Stabbing pillows with a knife is great. Going to a shooting range is awesome. But breaking plates is perfect. It’s symbolic. You broke up. So break something. It needs to shatter into a thousand pieces. And then you move on. Simple.

2. You can get kicked off a bus by shouting something random

Tom is very bitter following their break up. There’s a certain song that reminds him of her and when he hears it, he verbalises his disdain loudly and for everyone in the immediate vicinity to hear.


It sucks when everyone you see and hear reminds you of that person who hurt you. But apparently bus drivers don’t approve of shouting out random stuff that startles passengers, even if it is as harmless as “I hate this song!” Ain’t nobody got time for that. He will actually stop the bus and tell you to get out.

So remember: verbal venting is fine, but let’s not decide to blurt out our feelings in public transportation. You might just need to find another way home.

3. Got laid last night? Let’s perform a flash mob!

Tom and Summer spend the night together for the first time. It’s a very big moment for Tom. Cue the musical number!

The morning after is always the best. You feel like Han Solo. You cannot stop smiling. You even see cartoon birds flying around. It’s all quite magical. But do not bottle up that excitement and only tell your close friends. Share it with everyone and choreograph a flash mob.

Get random strangers to be in it. Make sure it’s in a public place and have fun with it. I’m not saying rent a billboard and advertise it. But get some people involved and make a production out of it.

4. Just because someone likes the same stuff you do, doesn’t make them your soul mate.

Tom and Summer are very similar. Two peas in a pod and what not. But that doesn’t make them soul mates. Especially since —- SPOILER —- they don’t get together in the end.


A very wise person once told me that true soul mates do not have to be two people who are exactly the same; but they are not complete opposites either. They complement each other and compromise when there are disagreements.

And when there is no compromise, there is no chance. All the similarities in the world will not compensate for the deal breakers. So let’s not get carried away because you both love that indie band with the obscure name.

5. “Other Mother’s Day” should definitely be a thing

The conventional idea of a family is dead and buried. You’ve got two moms. There needs to be a day to celebrate this. May 21st should be Other Mother’s Day. It’s a beautiful idea

vlcsnap-2013-07-14-09h40m36s166.I fully endorse this.

6. Need a wing man? Your blunt, drunk best friend who sucks at karaoke is PERFECT!

Tom needs help making a move on Summer. He’s a little hopeless. One of his best friends, McKenzie, decides to speed up the process by suggesting they go to a Karaoke night.

Your drunk best friend might not sound like the greatest wing man: they’re loud and shameless so they’ll embarrass you. They’ll tell your crush that you like them. Urgh. Annoying.


But what if it worked? What if your crush is into you too? Well then you gotta go to your friend’s place the next morning and while they’re puking in the toilet, give them a pat on the back. Mission complete.

And now, something awesome to end off this post. She and Him Music Video for “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Enjoy!

About the Author: Dean is a co-founder of BTG Lifestyle and is better than the guy of your dreams. Why? Because he’s real.

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