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If you’re new here, that’s cool. Check out this video to get with the program:

So our BTG Lifestyle blog has reached 1000 hits in 3 weeks. Pretty impressive when considering how new we are to this.

But instead of bragging about how awesome our content is, we wanted this one to be for all of you who have viewed our extremely awesome content and followed our blog.

We appreciate the immense support and it has spurred us on to make our blog even more amazing. We’ve reached this milestone because you took the time to check it out and for that, we thank you.

Some of you have also shared our content with your friends and for that, we give you a special thank you with fireworks and confetti and shit. It’s all very magical.

Be sure to check out all of our different categories: Film, Be That Guy, Big Talent Gallery and Stuff. Each one brings a little something different to this platform. We have some exciting new articles coming up so watch this space.

A big thank you to those who liked and shared our Facebook page, as well as our Twitter followers. We enjoy using social media to keep the conversation alive and guarantee that the communication is always open.

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You’re welcome.

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