3 Redeeming Qualities of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Look, overall, Batman v Superman was pretty terrible. Whether it’s Jesse Eisenberg’s Joker Lex Luthor, Doomday’s terrible CG or the “Martha” deus ex machine, I think we can all agree that it had more misses than hits. But it did have some hits. Let’s look at three of them.

1. Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne – (not necessarily Batman)


If you’re like me, and I like to think that you are, you responded to Ben Affleck’s Batman casting news with a groan. Then you remembered he played a superhero before.

And then you realised why you forgot that he played a superhero before. In short, Daredevil was not good. And then the fear sets in: will his Batman be any better?

His Batman was decent, but his Bruce Wayne was arguably one of the better depictions we’ve seen in a while. The beginning scene where he rushes into the danger that is Superman v Zod, showed that even as a man looking on from the ground, he would not run and hide.


He would help. He would be a protector. And we also saw his growing resentment for these aliens who are destroying a city. Even as the billionaire socialite going to parties, he showed he can pull off a really good Bruce Wayne.

2. First appearance of Wonder Woman

wonder-woman 2017 - batman v superman redeeming qualities - BTG Lifestyle

2017’s solo Wonder Woman film received rave reviews and made all the money in the box office. But it was in 2016’s Batman v Superman that we had our first look at the mysterious Amazonian princess.

We saw two sides to her: a cryptic beauty with her own agenda, and a dominant warrior who can hold her own in battle.


Definitely the stand out performance in this movie and ultimately the reason we NEEDED a Wonder Woman solo film. Gal Gadot did a great job even though I must admit I was not sold on her casting at first. This performance made me a believer.

3. Apocalyptic Dreams & a Message from the Future

The-Flash-in-Justice-League - Batman v Superman - BTG Lifestyle

We had been teased that this film would include cameos by other Justice League members: Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

We saw plenty of Wonder Woman but just brief and underwhelming appearances from the others. That is except for when a certain Scarlet Speedster appeared to Bruce Wayne in a “dream” sequence that had everyone talking.

Batman has a nightmare where he is in a war zone, fighting like a hundred guys with parademons flying everywhere, and is then overpowered and captured. In strolls Superman, being the most badass we’ve ever seen him and demasking Batman, saying “she was my world. And you took her from me.” It is widely assumed that this means Lois.


Especially because what happens when Bruce “wakes up” is that he is confronted by The Flash, warning him that Lois is the key, and that he (Batman) was right about him (seemingly Superman being a bad guy or going rogue due to Lois getting killed). And lastly, that Bruce needs to find them (the rest of the Justice League).

This was my favourite moment in the film because it was dark, the fight scene was incredible, Superman had gone rogue and The Flash appears in through the Speed Force talking about forming the Justice League. I wish the film had more of these moments.

What did you think of my take on this? Did these things kinda redeem the film for you too?

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