Black Panther, The Punisher & More New Trailers This Week

Ladies and gents, once again I’ve got some tasty trailers for you. I started posting this over the weekend, but it seems like everyone is too busy to check it out them, so I’ve now moved this to Mondays. We’ll give it a shot for a few weeks and then see how it goes after that. Enjoy this week’s round-up of last week’s trailers!

Black Panther

Okay, I’m gonna be fair here and tell you that a lot of people have complained about one moment that seemingly gives away too much information. So watch this at your own discretion. I am ridiculously excited for this one. Despite the superhero fatigue that most people are suffering from these days (allegedly), it seems like every time Marvel brings something new, we lap it up because so far it’s been quality all the way.

The Punisher

Speaking of, Marvel is back with some more TV awesome in the latest trailer for The Punisher, which gets a release date of 17 November 2017, the same day as Justice league (because rivals, right?). So, which one are you going to watch first? Here’s our full post: The Punisher Trailer #2

I Love You, Daddy

So yea, Louis C.K’s new film starring himself, Chloë Grace Moretz and John Malkovich. This one deals with some very controversial subject matter about what happens when you underage daughter starts dating a really old man. Interesting…

12 Strong

From producer of Black Hawk Down. Looks like a cool trailer, but this one is gonna be super political, I guarantee.


Holy shit this looks intense! Taraji P. Henson is super captivating in this trailer alone, I’m really excited to see this one. Who knows, maybe she’ll get a nod from the Academy? She’s been nominated before after all.

I, Tonya

Margot Robbie is Tonya Harding in this biopic by Craig Gillespie. This one’s just a teaser, but damn it looks awesome. The trailer is intense, and we get a real sense of character here.

Blue Planet II

The original Blue Planet was a visual spectacle, and full of education and insight; which captivated audiences, but also stirred up fear of what the future of the ocean looks like if we keep screwing up the world around us. This one should be just as much of a visual treat, and I’m sure we’ll walk away from it awestruck, but also possibly depressed about the state of our oceans and planet.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

20 Years ago, Jim Carey played Andy Kaufman and went meta as fuck. This is basically a documentary about how much of an asshole he was doing that.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Speaking of meta, this is just crazy. I’ll allow the IMDB summary to explain this one:

Stars global martial arts & actor Jean-Claude Van Damme playing “Jean-Claude Van Damme”, a global martial arts & film sensation, also operating under the simple alias of “Johnson” as the world’s best undercover private contractor. Retired for years, a chance encounter with a lost love brings him back to the game. This time, he’ll be deadlier than ever. Probably.

The Chi

So the trailer fro Showtime’s new show as me interested, but the trailer gives you no details as to what this is about. I like the aesthetic, though.

All the IMDB summary says is the following: The story of a young African-American man coming of age.

The Alienist

Now on to a trailer that provides way more exposition, the new show from TNT. All I’m saying is that I’m here for anything with Daniel Brühl and could this be Dakota Fanning to mainstream awesome, because she’s absolutely on point in this trailer; and I guess Luke Evans is cool too. This is also a great period piece, and just like Mindhunter, it provides some insight into the development of investigative techniques that are commonplace today. This one only drops in January 2018, so still some time to go.


This is the upcoming Netflix limited series starring Jeff Daniels. it looks like a Western, clearly but not much more information is given. Here’s the synopsis if you care to read it; otherwise just skip on over to the trailer itself:

Frank Griffin, an outlaw terrorizing the 1880s American West, hunts down Roy Goode, his partner turned enemy. Roy hides out at a ranch as Frank’s chase leads him to La Belle, New Mexico – a town mysteriously made up entirely of women.

Hope you enjoyed these, and don’t forget to share!

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