4 Important Dating Tips from The Bachelorette

When 32 men are vying for your attention you have to go on approximately a million dates to figure out who you actually like. And more importantly, who are the crazy ones. While the rest of us are not as lucky as Rachel Lindsay, we’re probably also not as amazing.

The newest Bachelorette is not only beautiful but has a sparkling personality, is extremely intelligent and has an actual job. She’s too good for the show but felt that she has everything else, all she needs is a man and to start a family and she just hadn’t met that guy yet.

If you happen to be in the same predicament as Rachel, she teaches us how to weed out the time-wasters and find a potential (not really, we’ll see how it goes) happily ever after.

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Make it interesting

My favourite part of the show is that they put the contestants through their paces. From obstacle courses and mud wrestling to overseas trips; you need to suss out that person’s strengths and definitely their weaknesses.

One of my favourite dates included a (booze) cruise followed by a spelling bee, where some guys were stumped by simple words. I would date someone who’s unemployed and living with their parents, but not if he sent me misspelled texts.

Pay for things sometimes

‘I got this’ was the best line from the beautiful Bachelorette as she bought one of her suitors a Breitling watch while in Switzerland.

I assume the show payed for the his-and-hers watches, but Rachel definitely has that Breitling money and being able to shell out that cash for one of your four remaining boyfriends is boss.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

As for the not-so-nice guys; there was quite a bit of scandal around one of the contestants who had a random current/ex-girlfriend show up at a basketball date. Rachel is a litigation attorney so she kept calm -even though it was clear the producers blindsided her- asked the right questions and then asked for receipts.

The defendant, DeMario, had been seeing someone right up until the time he got out of the limo to meet Rachel, and conveniently forgot to break up with the other girl. Rachel sent him right the fuck home.

Ain’t nobody got time for that when you’re trying to find a husband in two months.

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Just be honest

Rachel further confirms that she’s not there for games with the most incredible honesty. At 32 (now 33), she’s the oldest bachelorette, is definitely mature and does so well what we all struggle to do; articulate to the person you’re not interested in that this relationship just isn’t going to work.

Actual honesty could save many people lots of time and heartbreak.

If you have never watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, the episodes are usually an hour and a half long and therefore a commitment.

This is the first season of The Bachelorette I’ve seen and although I won’t watch another season because nobody will be as wonderful to watch as Rachel, I can say that she brought some credibility to the most ridiculous TV show in the world.

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