So The Walking Dead killed off…

Let it be known that if you venture beyond this point, you will encounter major spoilers from the latest episode of The Walking Dead. And just in case you’re scrollng too fast for your own good, here’s Spoiler Cat, crossing your path to keep you safe from all the spoilers of the big wide world (and web).

Spoiler Cat

So they killed off Glenn. Yeah, in a very unceremonious manner he ended up being the buffet for ┬ábunch of walkers just after they trap him and Nicholas in an alley. They proceed to dig in, and we get a beautiful shot of Glenn’s silent scream as layers of flesh peel off and nourish the undead’s pointlessness.

Now I’m not sure if this is just me being in denial or if I think that the way this was shot was just too coincidental. We see two bodies fall, and then we see Glenn dealing with a mild concussion before the walkers start tearing at what I’m suggesting is Nicholas, lying on top of Glenn after the fall.

Yes, this was a post about me discussing my feelings about my favourite character in The Walking Dead universe dying off in a kind of lame way; and in my denial, creating a scenario where he isn’t dead. You call it pointless, I call it therapy.

I’m going to watch something funny.


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