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Short Film Weekend: The Fly

Ever had to focus on something for a while and have a fly bug you so severely that it feels like the world is going to end? A new short film does its own take on this situation, and I must say, it’s quite crafty and entertaining. The Fly is a short film about a getaway driver who has to deal with a relentless fly as he waits 3 minutes for his colleagues to wrap up a robbery. Enjoy:


I recall a very famous episode of critically acclaimed series, Breaking Bad┬áthat was all about this exact kind of situation, which made for some interesting TV. The Fly has its own unique take on this. I like how the sound of the getaway driver’s colleagues at the start is all the exposition you get, and all the exposition you need to know what’s going on.

The Fly also makes brilliant use of sound in terms of the actual pest, the sirens, and the helicopter, to create the environment in which the story takes place. Overall I was impressed with how interesting the situation was, despite only taking place (mostly) inside a car. The way things escalate is both hilarious and nerve-racking, because you can almost see this whole thing not ending too well for our driver.

I hope you enjoyed The Fly as much as I did.

About the Author: Stephen is a film critic and aspiring filmmaker, currently working on his first film project, #BreatheEasy2016. Follow him on Twitter @thesnagel for more film rants and ramblings.


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