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Short Film Weekend: Tombes & Manèges

For those of you who were expecting a Short Film Weekend post yesterday, I was AFK busy shooting a film of my own. But now I’m back to give you your fix.  You may want to grab a tissue for this week’s featured short.

It’s called Tombes & Manèges, and it’s about a gravedigger doing his utmost to entertain his son, since he can’t take him to the fair.

Someone is cutting onions nearby, I’m sure of it. What stuck out for me post about this short, aside from the fact that it has a somewhat sad ending, is the visual style of it carries. I’m getting a bit of a Tim Burton vibe from it, yet it looks so unique despite that – a difficult thing to explain.

In terms of the narrative, for me this drives the idea that we should treasure the little things and appreciate the people we have with us and the small things in life. I hope you enjoyed Tombes & Manèges as I did. If so, do share this post so this film can get the exposure it deserves.

Now I have to go and tell the person cutting all these onions that they need to chill out for a bit.

About the Author: Stephen is a film maker and critic currently working on his first contribution to a feature. Catch more of his movie and life ramblings on Twitter @thesnagel.


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