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Neighbors (2014) Review

If you’re looking for a cool movie to pass the time and give you a few good laughs, Neighbors is for you. A couple with a newborn baby battles a fraternity that has moved in next door. The prize? Some peace and quiet.

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne do well in the role of new parents kind of trying to hold on to their youth and freedom. I was impressed with the way their characters were designed and developed to reflect the purgatory between their old life and their new one.

Then the frat shows up, as if it were a personification of their old lives, rubbing the freedom in their face, but also inviting them over to party (and have a taste of the high life). Too good to be true? Of course. Not long after this, Mac and Kelly (Rogen & Byrne) start to get kind of pissed off as the partying doesn’t stop. Obviously this is an issue when you’ve got a new baby.

Let the battle begin!

Neighbors is a fun movie that definitely does not take itself too seriously. It’s nowhere near a classic comedy, but you’ll have lots of fun and a few good laughs. Watch it with your more liberal friends!

Rating: 6.3/10

Favourite part: De Niro Day!

You can catch the trailer to Neighbors below:


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