House of Cards S3 gets teaser & release date


House of Cards is that series you just can’t believe exists; because it’s actually a jab at politics, especially American politics, in terms of critiquing just how ruthless it all is.

Anyway, we all love a good drama, even if it involves politics. So you’ll be happy to hear that your favourite power couple is back. Step aside, celebrity power couples of the world (whose names I’m not sure of, but I’m pretty sure I saw headlines in HuffPost calling them power couples). I digress – here’s the super short teaser and release date for House of Cards season 3:

To not spoil season 3 for those who haven’t seen the first two seasons, I won’t include too many details. However, it’s going to be interesting to see where the whole thing goes now… I mean, how much power can you get? There’s got to be a ceiling!

House of Cards season 3 drops on the 27th of February 2015. Save the date, it’s more important than Valentine’s Day.

About the Author: Stephen hates politics, but loves House of Cards nonetheless. Also, Francis & Claire are his role models, in terms of relationship goals…. wait, what?


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