Godzilla’s Epic Campaign


Very rarely am I impressed by a movie’s campaign in the months leading up to it’s release. However, two campaigns really stood out this year.

One was for the remake of Carrie where a woman pretended to wreck havoc with telekinetic powers in a coffee shop that had been rigged to … well… mess itself up. It’s safe to say that the campaign was more memorable than the film.

The second film campaign to grab my attention in the same way has got to be for the remake of the cult classic Godzirra!

Now let me just add as a sidenote, I liked the 1954 and the 1998 version of the epic tale! Despite what anyone says, I think it’s the one story that gets a remake in the most timely manner ever! It’s like, for once Hollywood actually said, “You know what guys, let’s give it enough time to actually have been a thing before we jump on the remake/ sequel wagon-of-movie-doom” (Curse you Spiderman and Transformers!).

I digress. Straight to it: Earlier Warner Bros. released an exclusive image [see below] that depicts a number of vehicles parked around what is said to be Turkmenistan’s infamous burning ‘Door to Hell’, which was first ignited by a Soviet gas company in 1971.

Godzilla Teaser Image MUTO

And just because there’s not enough mystery, this website was also created:


As you can see the truck is marked with the same acronym as the website. Totalfilm had full details on the story which was tweeted by the official Godzilla (2014) Movie account on Twitter:

Then later this evening, they tweeted a link to a video clip that had been extracted from the website by fans/ users:

I like where this is going! I’m getting really excited! 😀

Okay I guess nothing can suspend disbelief quite like the most epic viral marketing campaign ever, which belonged o the Blair Witch Project, but it’s still fun right? (Dam I feel so jaded).

Keep following the Twitter account for the Film for all the latest updates on this most entertaining campaign!

About the Author: Stephen is a motherfrikken MONSTER! No I’m not actually. I don’t like that saying or song or whatever it is. But I like Godzilla. Cool movie.


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