BTG Lifestyle MovieCast Podcast #13: Unpopular Opinions

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the 13th edition of the BTG MovieCast Podcast and it might seem a little different but don’t freak out!

In this particularly episode of the BTG Lifestyle MovieCast Podcast, Dean and Nagel discuss some unpopular opinions in film and television.

This podcast is significant in that the format has changed ever so slightly and the duration has been reduced, although the upside is that we hope to upload more MovieCast Podcasts more regularly. What has not changed is that we still bring you a topic of discussion relating to film and television.

This episode of the MovieCast podcast brings up some unpopular opinions that we have. For instance, is Legion the best new show of 2017? Did Suicide Squad really suck? Is Big Bang Theory really that amazing? We weigh in and invite you to do the same. What are some of your unpopular opinions?

Also, be on the lookout for the new branding for BTG Lifestyle coming up in the next few weeks!


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Dean Ravell

Writer/director. Fascinated with all kinds of film and just wants to be part of the wonderful world of cinema.