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Event planning tips from Office Christmas Party

This movie has some sort of plot in the background, where T.J. Miller and his sister (Jennifer Aniston) are running a family business that needs some saving. But let’s face it, we’re here for the Project X type mischief. Office Christmas Party provides us with detailed advice on how to f*ck shit up.

DO have water coolers filled with vodka, gin and tequila
I’m giving you this one right out the gate because it might be the most important. I’ve never seen anything more brilliant in my life. This might be all you need really.

L-R: Courtney B. Vance as Walter, T.J. Miller as Clay Vanstone in OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY by Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, and Reliance Entertainment

DO have sumo snowmen suits!
Olivia Munn, who plays an efficient and innovative tech badass -and might be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen- puts on a sumo wrestler suit that looks like a snowman. I once tweeted that I would like to lick the side of Olivia Munn’s face. I deleted the tweet even though it still holds true today.

DON’T invite too many strangers

This always seems like a good idea initially, to be, like, social and meet new people. But don’t. These are the people who break all your nice things. And if you don’t invite them, there’s more gin for you, which is more important than meeting new people who you won’t remember the next day.

DO/DON’T have cocaine strewn across the table in the shape of a snowflake
With this one you’ll have to use your own discretion. I don’t suggest that you do (lots of) cocaine with a prostitute and her pimp, as they do in the movie. If you’re doing it in the comfort of your own home surrounded by the security of family and friends , I won’t judge you because the snowflake looked pretty. Having pretty decorations is an essential party planning tip.

<I think it’s here that I have to put the disclaimer that BTG does not recommend drug usage- unless specifically for the purpose of decor>

DO have fun music and a photo booth
I don’t think there were any Christmas carols played at this party. It is a party after all, not Sunday mass. I thought the photo booth was cheesy compared to the other fun props, but it makes for incredible photos to show during the credits.


Overall, the cast was fantastic and I was happy the women were in powerful positions in this company (Kate McKinnon’s the HR manager and Jennifer Aniston is the CEO). More gender equality is always a great Christmas present.

Are there slow bits? Barely. Did I laugh out loud? Yes! Make sure to go see Office Christmas Party.

Happy holidays from BTG Lifestyle!


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