Oscars Predictions 2016: Best Original Screenplay

It’s hard to argue which is more difficult: adapting a story to fit a screenplay or creating an original screenplay. I would say the latter due to the fact that you’re essentially starting from scratch. In this post we predict the winner of the Oscar for the best original screenplay category.


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After my Oscars snubs some of you might be thinking, if the Hateful Eight was nominated I would’ve chosen that. That’s actually not the case. This is a caregory with strong contenders, but the smart money for me, is on Spotlight. The pacing is great, dialogue is on point, and the story — a team of investigative reporters in Boston uncovering the truth behind child molestation scandals in the Catholic church — is easily the most captivating of all the other contenders.


We all know that when it comes to the Academy Awards, subject matter is king. So yes, this story is favoured more than the others. Excuse me while I be cynical for a moment. I would’ve liked Ex Machina or Straight Outta Compton to win, but a hard hitting controversial topic like Priests molesting kids beats Artificial Intelligence and 90’s gangsta rap. That’s the Oscars world we live in.


Inside Out

Once again I think this will come down to raw creativity, and Inside Out is going to take the award based on how unique the concepts in the film are.

This is a tough category. One of my favourites is Ex Machina to win, as Alex Garland’s ability as a screenwriter is on display in all sorts of fascinating ways through narrative and dialogue. Straight Outta Compton would also be a great victory, as I think the film surprised many people with its success, and it’s disappointing that the film was not included in more of the categories.

Bridge of Spies is a slow burn, but the dialogue and story is amazing. Spotlight tells a very important story, and is (surprisingly if you ask me) considered to be a front-runner in many of the main categories this year.

This category may be wide open; the competition is very tough and either of these films could take it; but something tells me Inside Out will walk away with the top prize.


Inside Out
The number one question in any parent’s mind is what is my child going through? From this, questions upon questions upon questions roll through a parent’s mind. So why not depict it in the most imaginative way possible? Not only is this an original idea, this screenplay was written in a way that could be enjoyed by the entire family. Inside Out was a combination of multiple things that were put on the big screen and the best part about it was, you could laugh.


Inside out

Animated movies rarely get the nod for this category and when they do, you must understand, they are outstanding, creative, imaginative and any one can relate. This movie, I assume, any woman could relate but having been a teenager myself, I could agree to what I saw. Somewhat! The real question is, can this movie be used as a blueprint as to how to handle a teenage daughter?


What is your prediction for Best Original Screenplay?

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