Thor: The Dark World

Your favourite hammer-wielding Avenger is back! Phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full swing with the imminent arrival of Iron Man 3 but if you were wondering what is going on with the god of thunder, here is the first taste of Thor: The Dark World. 

New York City has barely pulled itself together after the whirlwind shit-storm that was The Avengers and it seems the bad guys just don’t respect time-outs. This time around, Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) leads a race of Dark Elves and the goal is pretty simple – plunge the universe into darkness. Loads and loads of grim darkness.

Of course Thor (Chris Hemsworth) needs to save the universe. We’re kind of expecting him to after he kicked serious ass in The Avengers. But based on the trailer, I’d say Jane Foster – the mere mortal who happens to be played by the cosmically beautiful Natalie Portman – is perhaps another reason for him lighting up the sky with his trusty hammer Mjölnir.

Lady Sif and the Warriors Three return, as does Heimdall but based on the ending of this trailer, we’ll also see a desperate Thor calling on his brother Loki for help – even though I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t be able to walk after getting Hulk-smashed the last time we saw him. Plus, what on Asgard is going on with his hair? Quick trip to the barber before we embark on saving the universe, perhaps? Me thinks so,

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