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Half Magic Signals Directorial Debut for Heather Graham

Blonde bombshell actress Heather Graham is set to take on her director post with Half Magic, a film that she also wrote and is set to star in.

In an interview with the People, Graham admitted that the inspiration for the screenplay for the film was a breakup.

She said, “I went through this breakup and I was laying in bed, kind of depressed and I was, like, ‘I want to write a script and just laugh at all the stupid things I’ve done in relationships.'”

It was only when she was reading the screenplay that she wrote that she felt the need to turn the script into a film. Graham revealed to the Express that many of the comedic scenes were based on her and her friends’ experiences in relationships, albeit exaggerated for comedic value.

As a sex comedy, Half Magic revolves around the actress’s character, Honey, and two of her friends, who are played by Angela Kinsey and Stephanie Beatriz, who make a pact to stop letting self-doubt keep them from getting what they deserve, including getting involved in fulfilling romantic relationships and having better sex.

As a veteran of raunchy comedies such as Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Guru, and The Hangover, the theme of her film isn’t too dissimilar to the films she’s become accustomed to starring in. Nonetheless, the experience of working on the project is still new to her, considering that this was her first time behind the camera, a role she had to juggle with being the flick’s lead actress.

Graham, however, did not seem to be particularly worried with performing multiple tasks for this particular project. She was quoted as saying to The Hollywood Reporter, “With the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired in my two decades in this business, I’m ready to put my own voice forward on a project inspired by the comical liaisons that my girlfriends and I have found ourselves in with respect to love, friendship and womanhood.”

She also admitted in some interviews that she was forced to leave Neil LaBute’s 2014 play The Money Shot in order to work on Half Magic. In fact, she announced her departure from the project just days after helping promote it after her film was green lit for production.

Nonetheless, she managed to squeeze in shooting a series of advertisements for Foxy Bingo, a gaming site who recently hired her to serve as their main endorser, while also working on her current pet project.

While she said that the tone of the film is light because it’s a comedy, she told Collider that Half Magic has a deeper theme underneath the humor. The movie will tackle the stigma of female sexuality. She pointed out how even women seem to experience a sense of shame when discussing the topic even among themselves.

An advocate of having a healthy attitude towards sex, Graham has gone on record in previous interviews that she was drawn to racy roles because she felt there was little discussion and portrayal of female sexuality in mainstream flicks.

She stated that part of the inspiration for Half Magic is the fact that there seems to be a lack of Hollywood films depicting female sexuality from a woman’s perspective. The Boogie Nights actress pointed out that most of the movies produced that tackle sexuality are from a male point of view. She indicated her hopes that Half Magic will be a film that women can relate to, because it is an honest take of female sexuality.

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