Oscars Predictions 2017: Best director

Ok ladies and gentlemen. This is the penultimate predictions post. In the lead up to the Oscars we at BTG Lifestyle have predicted some of the big winners and this post will focus on the best director for the Academy Awards 2017.



Damien Chazelle – La la land

As I have said in many of these posts, I’m not the biggest La La Land fan for various reasons, however I will admit that the strongest point of this film was the direction (and the choreography). Chazelle created a cinemascape wonderland, that was charming and flowed like a symphony.


Barry Jenkins – Moonlight

Two weeks ago I had a dream that Mel Gibson was going to win best director. I woke up and told myself that it’s actually a vision and it will happen. But then I realised I’m not a fortune teller and that the best director award will probably go to someone that Hollywood doesn’t hate.

I’m choosing Barry Jenkins because Moonlight should win everything and was quite simply one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. It kept my attention from start to finish and although he is an underdog against immense competition, I think he’s going to perform quite an upset.

But if Mel Gibson wins, I’m declaring myself clairvoyant.


Barry Jenkins – Moonlight

Give this man something better than a Bell’s. I still keep thinking about Moonlight. It lingers. It’s different, it pushes boundaries and it’s done so well. Barry Jenkins created something beautiful.


Denis Villeneuve – Arrival

Best Director could go anyway because there’s just so much talent pooled into this category, especially this year. Mel Gibson directed the crap out of Hacksaw Ridge, and Damien Chazelle proved once again that he’s as clinical in execution as ever.

Barry Jenkins stepped out into the mainstream in a tremendous way with Moonlight as well, but I think that Denis Villeneuve is going to take this one. It’s probably an unpopular prediction, but there’s just something about the way he puts a film together. Everything means something, and this is especially true with Arrival, which is all about how we take meaning from symbols and actions.

Chazelle just took the top award at the Director’s guild awards recently so he’s the easy choice, but I think the Academy will surprise us with the popular vote.



Damien Chazelle – La la land

He directed an extremely good musical in 2017. Are you going to deny him?


Mel Gibson – Hacksaw Ridge

Undeniably deserves it. That is all.


What is your prediction for Best director?

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