Justice League Comic-Con Trailer

Each and every year, nerds gather to celebrate being huge fucking nerds at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). And so far I haven’t been able to join my brethren; some some day I will! I digress. This is usually the place where film studios release some of their best footage, trailers, and panels from upcoming films.

The thing that makes SDCC so awesome in recent years is that we’re in the golden age of superhero movies. And this is the one event on earth that brings comics and their film counterparts together for nerdgasms galore! So, what better place to release the first look for the upcoming Justice League film? And here it is:

Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but this feels like either 1) This is not a movie directed by Zack Snyder, or 2) The studio snipped Snyder’s balls (creative freedom) after the epic failure of a mess that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was. I’m actually leaning towards the latter here. It was a mess. Even the Ultimate edition was a tiresome watch, despite making more sense than the theatrically released version of the film.

The Justice League ensemble film looks amazing. It’s got a great Batman and Aquaman standoff, a cool introduction to the weird and awkward movie version of Barry Allen (The Flash), and only a couple of seconds of Cyborg (which is kind of lame, give us more!).

Overall, this looks very interesting so far, and I hope the film is as decent as this trailer was. For more trailers released at SDCC this year, check out 9 Awesome Trailers from Comic-Con 2016.

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