Short Film Weekend: Slow Down

Less than a month ago filmmaking teams around the world were prepping to get involved in an annual short film contest organised by the Colchester Film Festival. It’s their 60 Hour Film Challenge, and the idea is to write, shoot and edit a short film in 60 hours – over a single weekend.

The catch is that each filmmaking team is given a title for the film, a line of dialogue and a prop/action that must be included in the final version of the film. The winner of this year’s competition is a film called Slow Down and it’s a short story about a young woman who has some big decisions to make as she comes to terms with her sexuality. Enjoy!


Slow Down is well-shot and does a great job of getting into the mental space of our main character using visuals. Even though she’s talking quite a bit, we don’t get bored to death, because there’s a lot on screen that we need to make sense of: A deteriorating relationship, as well as a girl in a mental and emotional struggle, coming to terms with her sexuality.

A few weeks ago we featured Red Herring for Short Film Weekend, which came in second place in last year’s competition. It’s worth checking out.

Did you enjoy Slow Down as much as I did? Let me know your thoughts.


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