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Mike’s Pics #3

The Egg – Beijing, China.Mike's Pics Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts

Photograph by Michael Howe-Ely

Beijing is known for its exotic ancient buildings, such as the Forbidden City and many magnificent temples.

But just across from from Tienanmen Square is a sleek, modern building that is incredible to look at.

This is the National Centre for the Performing Arts, sometimes known as ‘The Egg’ to locals.

Built between 2001 and 2007, the building contrasts dramatically with China’s past and is one of the most futuristic buildings in Bejijng. Striking to look at, the Centre is just one of the many attractions to see in China’s capital.

About the author: Mike is the photoholic travel correspondent for BTG Lifestyle. Catch an exclusive image here each week.

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