Dismissal Time – A New Film by André Joseph

What’s done in the dark will come to light.

That is the theme of the short film Dismissal Time – a film about an innocent black student victimized by vicious high school bullies and an administration that wants to sweep it under the rug. From the award-winning writer and director, André Joseph comes this real-life inspired story that deals with the themes of bullying, racism and social injustice. The hero is a teacher named Sharon Vance (actor Lisa Regina) who makes it her mission to bring those responsible to task.

The short film was voted the winner for Audience Choice at the Indie Short Film Series in Charlottesville, VA this past July. It made its Asbury Park premiere at the Hang on to Your Shorts Film Festival on Sunday, May 7, 2023 in block (A) Theater 2 (5:45-7:15) located at The ShowRoom Cinema – Asbury Park (707 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712). It has been nominated for 7 awards including Best Drama and Best Director – Drama.

The goal of this short film is to empower people to speak out about social injustice and share
their stories. Learn more by visiting the film’s website and social media via Linktree.
About AJ Epyx Productions, LLC:

AJ Epyx Productions, LLC is a New York-based independent film production and professional
videography company created and operated by award-winning filmmaker André Joseph.
Founded in 2008, AJ Epyx produced three professionally made feature film projects as well as
four award-winning short films.

Among the company’s most successful projects include the
crime-thriller Vendetta Games (Winner for Best Urban Action Film at the Cinemax-sponsored
2017 Urban Action Showcase and now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi) and the
dramatic short film The Saxophonist (Winner for Best Film at the 2018 NY Jazz Film Festival
and now streaming on The BeBop Channel app).

You can watch the trailer for Dismissal Time here:

Contact Information:
AJ Epyx Productions

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