Oscars Predictions 2019: Best Cinematography

Some absolutely stunning camerawork came out of this year’s best films. Here are the Academy Award nominees for Best Cinematography.


The Favourite

Haven’t actually seen this one but heard it was marvelous. It should win something and this is it.



Long time collaborator Emmanuel Lubezki was supposed to do cinematography for Roma but was unavailable. Lubezki suggested that director Cuaron take over the duties himself. And trust me. He did the damn thing. What a visually beautiful film.



Any movie can be filmed in black, white with long, hold-your-breath scenes. However, Alfonso Cuaron does more in two colors than Micheal bay could do with the entire colour spectrum. Roma is a sure winner.



Roma has not only beautifully framed shots, but shots that seem impossible when one looks at the composition, the amount of people in some shots, and the complexity of the activities happening in those shots. I’m not surprised that Cuaron did the cinematography himself, since it’s clear that he had not only a very clear thematic direction for the film to take, but a very specific look and framing for certain events that occur in the film. I am in awe of this man’s pure ability to not only write and direct, but shoot something so stunning.



From the opening scene you could tell it was a done deal. Roma is winning this. As the movie progresses you can see the artistry flow seamlessly between each frame then the final Stone Cold Stunner to finish it all off – the beach scene. Even Spike Lee HAD TO ask Alfonso Cuarón, “How did you do it?” And to think the Academy was going to deny us seeing Roma win this award. Shocking!



Oh God – so difficult!!!! My choice is Roma – because OMGEEEE but The Favourite is second because WOW – excellent achievement

What is your prediction for Best Cinematography? Let us know in the comments below.

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