Oscars Predictions 2018: Best Picture

Here we go, ladies and gents. The big one. Best Picture! We’ve been predicting the winners of selected Academy Awards categories over the past two weeks and it’s been a fun ride. But now we’ve come to the last category ahead of the 90th annual Academy Awards on March 4.



The Shape of Water

I fell, utterly, completely, crazily in love with this film, it was a beautiful masterpiece and definitely one of the best films of the year. I think the Academy will be a little eccentric this year and reward this beautiful film with the highest prize. Although I do believe that the best film of 2017 was Get Out especially since I believe that the best film should be the most relevant one, and that was what the Jordan Peele film was, I cannot deny that The Shape of Water was stunningly-made, and classical film on it’s own.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Seems to be the one this year.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

You’d think that best director = best picture. It’s not always that easy. I’ve been burned by that logic before so instead of The Shape of Water I went with this film, because the acting was phenomenal and it’s picked up some really big awards so far. Even though it wasn’t my favourite film of the year, I’m going with my head again and something tells me this is the one.


The Shape of Water

With the best director award going to del Torro. Its only fitting that the best picture award goes to a Shape of Water.


The Shape of Water

Again I’m voting for The Shape of Water based on odds. It wasn’t my favourite movie, in fact I didn’t enjoy it. Get Out, Three Billboards and Lady Bird were definitely my favourites of the season and I would prefer that any of them got it.


Get Out

Because of all the reasons I mentioned in previous post. This is probably the underdog film in this category and therefore I am rooting for it.


Get Out

I don’t think it deserves any of the other nominations but it sure as fuck deserves this one


Get Out

Because it’s the dopest.


The Shape of Water

Probably the only time we’ll be able to say this: Let’s give Best Picture to artistic fisherman porn.


The Shape of Water

Yes, I think that the fish fuckery is going to take the biggest win of the night. It makes sense based on my prediction that del Toro will take Best director, but also this film is just masterfully put together and I’m just really confident in this choice.


Get Out

A masterpiece. THAT. IS. ALL.


Lady Bird

This is a wildcard pick and I’m feeling lucky here. I do not have a logical or objective reason to pick Lady Bird for the win but my gut is in overdrive here. I hold strong on this pick. Should I be La La Land-ed (not English but work with me), I will study to be a CA, work for the auditing firm handling the Academy and right the 2 consecutive wrongs I would have been subjected to. Lady Bird for the win.


Lady Bird

The underdog will prevail!!

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What is your prediction for Best Picture? Let us know in the comments below.

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