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6 Life Lessons from Rough Night

Rough Night seems to have had a bit of a rough time at the box office, but overall most people who went to see it had a good time with it. The film, directed by Lucia Aniello is the first R-rated studio comedy film directed by a woman in 20 years.

This is her debut feature after a stint as a director on Broad City, among other smaller projects. While the film has been divisive, our friend and resident chocolate and wine aficionado, Jeslyn has found at least 6 life lessons we can all learn from Rough Night.

1) Don’t pop champagne at the airport

This has actually never occurred to me and maybe the security wouldn’t be as sensitive to this in South Africa, but you should probably not mimic a shooting sound while at the airport, even if you’re in Vegas. Keep the celebrations confined to first class, the hotel room and the club.

2) You have crappy friends if you’re on a long haul drive to win back your fiancé and none of them go with

The soon-to-be groom leaves his bachelor party after a concerning phone call from his fiancé and decides that the fastest way to get to her is to drive through the night. His friends supply him with adult diapers and Red Bull, which is very kind, but NONE of them accompany him on the drive.

These people don’t deserve an invitation to the wedding.

3) Don’t do /do cocaine

Why does it always come back to this? Just like with Office Christmas Party, please use your own discretion.

Either the cocaine causes chaos because you’re so high that you mess everything up, or it gives you energy and helps you think more clearly after a disaster has already occurred. This really depends on the situation.

4) Obviously, please don’t kill a stripper

The main plot line of the movie is that one of the women accidentally kill a stripper. I personally don’t recommend this.

‘Kill a stripper’ seems to be such a casual comment in some conversations (just my terrible group of friends?) that it’s worrying. Strippers are people too.

5) But if you do, have a plan to get rid of the body

With the forensic expertise I’ve gained after years of watching Dexter and being obsessed with Murder by Numbers (with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling) when I was 12 -yes, I’m a psychopath; I can tell you that when accidentally (or purposefully) committing murder the most important part is the disposal.

However, it would also be smart to call the police and a lawyer and plead for manslaughter. Disclaimer: I have no actual experience in law, please talk to Jamie for any further advice on this, or watch Breaking Bad to witness immaculate disposal of bodies.

6) Committing a murder will bring friends together

At the end of the day, challenges and stressful situations bring people together, and what could be more stressful than murder. Even though you may argue and disagree, do not allow this to come between you. Instead, think of the experience as a team building.

In the eternal wise words of our Queen Beyoncé: nothing real can be threatened.

Overall impression of the actual movie: Rough Night drags a bit in the middle and although it’s not great, the women have wonderful chemistry and I believed that they were actually friends.

Just like the complaint in my Baywatch review, I don’t like shock value scenes like the one with Zoe Kravits and Demi Moore because it’s not smart comedy, but it’s a good watch for a night in and at the end I felt that it was better than I expected.

Hope you enjoyed the list, and if you did, don’t forget to share! You can click here to watch more life lessons from Movies & TV shows we love.

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Jeslyn is a perpetual sloth, but more importantly, a chocolate and wine aficionado. She likes to write sometimes, read most of the time and watch TV all of the time.


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