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Hidden Figures Spoiler-free Review

Going in, I had absolutely no idea what this film would be about. I didn’t even want to check out the trailers, but eventually I caved and watch it. This just increased by excitement to see the film which I finally got the chance to do.

Hidden Figures tells such a unique story, and a very important one; and it’s based on real people who did some amazing things despite having the odds against them in life in general.

All three of the main characters in this film are really strong, intelligence women, and we need more stories like this in Hollywood, and elsewhere.

I was quite disappointed to hear that Taraji P. Henson was not nominated for her part as what most would call the leading protagonist, Katherine G. Johnson. Neither was Janelle Monáe who plays Mary Jackson/. Octavia Spencer (previous Oscar winner) has however been nominated for her role as Dorothy Vaughan in the film.

It’s worth noting that all of these women produced amazing performances, and there’s one confrontational scene in particular where Taraji P. Henson just made me stare in awe. Much of this scene goes to the writers as well; it was beautifully crafted.

Mahershala Ali also pops up for a small role in this film (as he did in Moonlight), but does a great job with the bit he’s given. Some may say that he’s a big of a throwaway character, but it felt real seeing the family and loved ones of our protagonist, adding more depth to her character than we would have seen had they not been there.

Definitely check this film out, as I said, it’s an amazing and very important story, and I’m so glad it’s being told.

Rating: 8/10

You can watch the trailer for Hidden Figures below:

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