Hacksaw Ridge Spoiler-free Review

I had heard great things about this film before I saw it, and was keen to see what Mel Gibson was going to do in the director’s chair. I mean, even Dean put it as number 1 on his list when we did our podcast on our Top 10 Films of 2016. So this movie had a lot to live up to.

The setup of this film, while mundane, remains captivating as we are shown the history of our protagonist. His family, his community, and the blossoming of his relationship with his girlfriend (and later wife).

Then we go to war with our hero, and shit starts hitting the fan. One thing about Mel Gibson’s direction that you have to appreciate, is his ability to direct chaos. He did it masterfully in Braveheart, and does it yet again in Hacksaw Ridge. We’re somehow transported into this madness with bullets and bombs and body parts flying all around; yet all the while we can understand where everyone is, and what they are doing.

The film also provides an amazing commentary on war, violence, and has fans from secular and religious backgrounds who are able to appreciate the statement it makes.

On the acting front, leading the pack is Andrew Garfield with a stunning performance; while Hugo Weaving does an amazing job playing his father who’s dealing with his own demons, born out of his own time in the previous war.

Overall, a great war movie that’s right up there with some of the best modern films like Saving Private Ryan and maybe even Apocalypse Now (I need some time to consider whether it’s that good).

Rating: 8.7/10

You can watch the trailer for Hacksaw Ridge below:

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