Oscars Predictions 2017: Best Animated Feature

Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world. – Walt Disney

A lot of great animated films were nominated this year and we predict the winner of the Academy Award for Best animated feature.




While I thought Kubo and the Two Strings was amazing, there was something about the universal appeal of Zootopia which makes me think that it will take home the prize. Also coupled with the fact that it told a beautiful and important story about inequality, racism, sexism, and the fact that a fox and a rabbit can totally fall in love, it was one of my favourite films of last year.



This film was actually pretty deep when you consider that it touches on discrimination and stereotyping quite hard. It’s also really fun to watch, has some great voicing acting and includes a sloth scene that is totally worth all the minutes of screen time it occupied. As impressive as the other contenders are, I’m going with Zootopia.



I hope Moana wins for many reasons: the songs, the animation of the beautiful island and water, Moana’s granny ‘the village crazy lady’, the adventure and life lessons, and because it’s just good to see a fierce princess who’s brown with curly hair. Out with the sleek, smooth hair of the other Disney princesses and in with hair that frizzes and grows because it’s wet or the weather is humid. I’m with a princess who looks like me.



This could go one of three ways; with Moana, Zootopia or Kubo and the Two Strings taking the crown. All three of these films have a lot to offer but I think that the Laika (Kubo) is going to come second to the Walt Disney Animation Studios juggernaut; and between Moana and Zootopia, I think that Moana will win get the nod from the Academy.



As a grown man, I felt like a kid. Having watched it with my 6 year old cousin, Zootopia was a hit. It definitely was the best animated movie of 2016 and the great thing about it, it appealed to anyone. It’s movie like this that cement Disney’s position as the leader of animated films. It had everything – suspense, humour, thought provoking moments and the essence of adventure.



Kubo and the Two Strings

I loved the creativity of this film – the animation is outstanding and the storyline – mixing love, horror and adventure in 1 film. So exciting. I agree with the negative feedback the film got because of its terrible lack of Asian voice overs, it’s a bit upsetting with Charlize Theron getting 2 roles. But I loved it nonetheless.


What is your prediction for Best animated feature?

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