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Our Skwad Reviews Suicide Squad

The moment we have been waiting for has arrived. For months we were treated to some awesome Suicide Squad trailers, and anticipation built. We got our Skwad together – and even expanded it – to bring you our collective thoughts on the latest DC blockbuster to hit the screens: Suicide Squad. Here’s what we thought…




We got the skwad together and rolled into the IMAX donning our Batman sweaters and Harley Quinn outfits. What an experience!

I knew the hype would be hard to live up to and the early reviews were not great. In my opinion Suicide Squad was a solid popcorn flick. It has a good cast, kick-ass actions scenes, great one-liners and was tied together with probably the dopest soundtrack you’ll hear this year.

Typically, Harley Quinn stole the show. Her blend of sex appeal, playfulness and bad-assery is everything. Leto’s Joker is sufficiently creepy. Unfortunately for Leto, he is always going to be compared to Ledger’s Joker and it will never be as great. But I enjoyed his take on the Clown Prince of Crime.

Let’s be fair, Suicide Squad isn’t the greatest film ever – or even of 2016 (shout out to Deadpool) – but it did exactly what I wanted it to do: entertain me.

Skwad 5



In an entertainment industry where every plot can be seen by a mile away because it has been done before, or where every comic book movie has the same formula, Suicide Squad delivers something different – but not Oscar worthy.

The creepiness of The Joker, the sheer craziness of Harley or a man looking like a crocodile , this movie is different, and different has always been good in this industry.

Highlight: Harley Quinn. Every scene where she’s her crazy self brings out my inner Joker.

Lowlight: Too much Deadshot; not enough Captain Boomerang.

I give it 3 super-powered criminals out of 5.




Fuck the critics and their snobbishness. I thoroughly enjoyed Suicide Squad. Why? It’s a mess; a hot mess. It’s not as much about the plot as it is about watching what happens when you bring all these strong personalities together; this melting pot of sociopaths and psychos. It’s like watching a car crash over 2 hours. An amalgamation of personalities married with a graphic-novel like visual style.

Harley Quinn was fun, yet way more complex than everyone’s giving her credit for. Bravo, Margot Robbie. Deadshot was charismatic as fuck (Then again, Will Smith can’t not be smooth). Killer Croc was beautiful (that is all). The only thing that didn’t score for me was The Joker. I wasn’t convinced by Leto. A swing and a miss, dude. Go watch this movie now! It’s in my top 10.


Skwad 2




I’m no film critic, but that’s probably why I thought that Suicide Squad was one of the best movies of the year. From the characters (Harley Quinn, holla!) to the storyline, I thought that the film was incredibly entertaining and a great cinematic experience. IMAX 3D never fails to amaze me. It’s intoxicating!

OK. Back to the movie. I love everything the critics hate. The plot was solid, uncomplicated and well-written. The acting was fantastic. HQ is an awesome character and Margot Robbie was brilliantly crazy in all of her “sexual objectification” glory (HQ is the lover in this movie, her sexuality is appropriate, kthxbye). The special effects and graphics were ON POINT (the beautiful Killer Croc was SO GOOD, right down to his blinking ‘croc’ eyes)!

As for the soundtrack, it’s my car playlist – so you tell me. VERDICT: 9/10 (1 point lost for the movie actually ending and not being real-f$*&ing-life)




DC has managed to prove that Snyder should not be involved in any project. Emotional moments that should change the mind of the character need to stop – from Batman about to kill Superman, from Superman about to kill Doomsday, and from Deadshot about to take the final shot.

An okay movie that featured Deadshot and his merry band of misfits, Suicide Squad left room for improvement. Viola Davis stood out the most and she should stay in the DCEU.

Still worth watching and not the comic book movie of the year I had predicted.




I went into Suicide Squad not expecting much, I learnt my lesson with Batman v Superman earlier this year and the SS reviews made me wary of what to expect. But all biases aside, I enjoyed the movie, and isn’t that what matters? 

The team’s chemistry was off the charts, Will Smith was excellent as the lead, and Viola Davis was flawless as Amanda Waller. The soundtrack was superb, and as a whole it was entertaining to watch. I laughed, I gasped, but most of all I was intrigued, I wanted to know more about these characters; their backstories, their motives. 

However, much of the film felt disjointed. There were many moments when I was slightly confused as to what was taking place onscreen. I adore Cara Delevingne but she did not work as Enchantress/June Moone, I’m not sure if it’s because she looked too young for the role or if it was her acting but she did not convince me. 

As for the romance of Harley Quinn and the Joker: I liked the fact that it was framed from her point of view although I do wish they had shown more backstory of their relationship. Abusive relationships make me queasy but if it is portrayed as such it is an interesting psychological study and I think they could have done more to show the nitty gritty of their pairing.




With every trailer that was released for Suicide Squad, I got more excited and willed days to fly by so we could SEE IT ALREADY! And what a relief that what felt like 50 trailers and teasers didn’t give it all away, although I found them a little misleading.

The film was fun and entertaining, and visually, it was beautiful, but I was underwhelmed and left feeling like I had just watched an action movie with some witchery and bright colours. Characters and acting were good, but Harley (and Amanda) owned it for me – she was perfect.


What did you think of Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments.

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