Game of Thrones S5 Poster

Not often that a poster for a TV show gets me as excited as Game of Thrones’ latest poster for the upcoming season. This marks the 5th season of the high-fantasy HBO show.


All I can say is that 12 April 2015 needs to hurry the hell up and get here. Apparently the latest season will see the greatest departure in narrative from the books we’ve seen to date.

There’s been a lot of speculation that this is mainly because the show has caught up with the books too quickly, and GRRM is far from finished with the next book. If this is the case, do you think it’s worth the risk? I personally feel that if there’s any team that could pull it off, it’s HBO and the GoT show runners.

What do you think of the poster; and what do you think we can expect from the new season? Remember to keep your feedback spoiler-free if you’ve read the books.

About the Author: Stephen is a Game of Thrones fanatic, in the same way Melisandre is a red god fanatic; basically. Follow him on Twitter @thesnagel


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