CHAPPIE Gets a New Trailer

Let’s face it, the first trailer for CHAPPIE was a bit of a shock to use all. There was a talking robot, Hugh Jackman, and Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord delivering very basic lines/ words of dialogue. What is this?

Some people hated it, others were curious, but now that the second trailer has been released I think we can all agree that CHAPPIE is going to be a pretty decent film. You can catch the trailer below:

Director (and co-writer) Neill Blomkamp nails the sci-fi elements in this one: the sentient robot with a pure and innocent “heart” is viciously hunted by an Australian ruffian (yes I’m ecstatic that Hugh Jackman has such a deep Auzzie accent). This ancient (yet modern) fight between humanity and its own creation (artificial intelligence) is something all sci-fi fans can appreciate, and Blomkamp has proven he can do it quite well.

If you ask me, Blomkamp recently releasing his concept art for an abandoned Alien project seems to me to be a nice way of getting the word out about CHAPPIE for people who may not know him that well (which is odd considering the success of District 9 and Elysium). A bit very convenient that the concept art was released days before the full trailer for CHAPPIE.

Here’s another look at the first trailer that was released roughly 2 months ago:

Also, this line just got me as an insta-classic: “I am consciousness. I am alive. I am CHAPPIE“. So good!

What are your thoughts on CHAPPIE? Are you looking forward to this one?


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