4 Reasons Why We NEED a Deadpool Movie

We’ve had the nerdy good guy, we’ve had the aggressive loner and we’ve even had the arrogant but still likeable superhero. Now is the time for Fox and Hollywood to introduce the world to the merc with a mouth.

It’s just so meta

Meta – Definition: A term, especially in art, used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential.

No comic book hero is more self-referential than Deadpool: He knows he is a comic book character, he knows a team of writers are writing his comic, at one point he was in a story called Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe.

tumblr_lmjid22lP41qk3l9oo1_500Yes. Marvel created a character that knows he is a Marvel creation and aims to bring down every Marvel character. He manages to invade “the real world” and confronts the writers of the comic. He then breaks the fourth wall and turns to the readers – i.e. me and you. I’m sorry but that is easily the most amazing thing ever. Seriously. Ever.

Marvel pretty much forced their way into Hollywood and churn out like four movies a year – and that’s just their own studio. They have characters who are owned by other studios too. But It would be awesome to have them actually poke fun at themselves. Deadpool is the perfect character to do this.

My little tony

It’s a little tricky since Marvel studios doesn’t actually own the rights to Deadpool – Fox does – but he is still a Marvel comics character and having this meta individual on screen will show that Marvel/Fox/Hollywood has a sense of humour.


Let’s face it: a PG13 version of Deadpool would be like a PG13 version of Pulp Fiction. Quite simply, it would suck.

So if you’re going to do a Deadpool movie, you need to do it right. I’ve read the script of Deadpool that was leaked online (I couldn’t help myself) and if they stay true to it, it will be the most amazing bloody, violent, obscene film from a Marvel character in quite some time.


But the Rated-R nature of this character – the thing that makes him so awesome is also one of the major factors preventing it from being made. Marvel has cooled down on Rated-R movies because of the fact that the movie business is a BUSINESS and that you need to sell action figures and lunchboxes – all of which are targeted at kids.

How do you market comic book superhero merchandise to kids who aren’t allowed to see the movie? Yes. That’s a valid question. But if Blade has taught us anything it’s that an R-Rated comic book movie can be very successful at the box office even if you take the younger demographic out of it. A potential solution is lowering the budget of the movie to avoid making a loss on ticket sales. So there is some hope.

Ryan Reynolds

X-Men Origins: Wolverine had a lot of promise but is not anywhere near as good as what it should have been. One nugget of awesome did come from it though: Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson. Ever since then he has been attached to play the Merc with a Mouth in a solo feature film and he desperately wants to play him.


Reynolds is helping to drive the film forward but it might just be a matter of time before he loses interest and decides to appear in another terrible comic book movie. (Yes. Green Lantern.)

I think Ryan Reynolds is pretty much the perfect person to play Deadpool since he has major box office appeal, is still relatively young and is both athletic and has a PhD in talking absolute nonsense.

Sidenote: That was hyperbole – they don’t offer PhDs in talking nonsense…but they should.

Last but not least…this

This test footage is creating a major buzz around the film. Also, join the cause on twitter. In the words of one of the writers of the Deadpool screenplay Rhett Reese, let’s break the internet and show support for Deadpool.

About the Author: Look, I know what you’re thinking. You’re all like: “Dean I know you’re a co-creator of this blog and write a bunch of awesome stuff but you need to stop breaking the fourth wall.” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but this time I’m NOT going to do that.….wait.

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