Six Seasons…and A Movie?

Remember when your favourite TV show ended. Weren’t you like: “Noooooooooo!!!! I need more. I’m not ready to let go.” Well, these days the small screen send-off might not be the end of it. With Veronica Mars having recently hit cinemas, and Entourage set for release in 2015, it seems that the likelihood of your favourite TV show hitting the big screen has increased quite exponentially.

Whether it be wrapping up unfinished business (because the show got cancelled), providing a better ending or simply continuing the story; series producers are venturing into film – with much success. The A-Team (although a sort of reboot as opposed to continuation) was well-received. The Sex and the City movie made money. They made a second movie and then made more money. So it can happen. It has happened. It will continue to happen.

There is a risk that the show might have ended on a high and a movie would be like beating a dead horse. I would love to see a Breaking Bad movie but I imagine it would be a terrible idea. I will definitely watch it – but will it diminish the reputation of the original show?

We want to know from you: which TV series do you want to see on the big screen and why? Perhaps a feature-length Friends Reunion? What about a Lost film? Or a film to continue and wrap up the short-lived Flash Forward? Maybe The Nanny could be made into a movie! Fran Drescher’s voice for 90 minutes? Is the world ready for that?

About the author: Dean is a co-founder of BTG Lifestyle and an aspiring writer and filmmaker who thinks Community genuinely deserves six seasons and a movie. Cool? Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Dean Ravell

Writer/director. Fascinated with all kinds of film and just wants to be part of the wonderful world of cinema.