Hey and welcome to BTG Lifestyle. So what is this site anyway? Well we’re primarily a Movie Blog, and we do full-length and spoiler-free movie reviews, film analysis; we post the latest trailers,and so much more.

Our editors are Stephen and Dean, while our regular contributors include Tedai, Jeslyn, Jamie and Tiffany.

Let’s wind the clocks back to 2009. Stephen and Dean were two 19 year old kids at varsity who had a few classes together. It was a mutual adoration for film which drew them to each other – in the most platonic way possible.

It was decided that this mutual love for film and TV should be escalated. It should mean something. They decided to meet a couple of times a week under a bridge on campus – again, super platonic – and discuss ideas for discussing and making film. It was then that Bridging The Gap Productions was born.

Do you see what they did there?

A handful of scripts and short films later, the passion intensified. The decision was then made to build a platform that will not only be an avenue for them to share their films but to create a film-loving community, forming a network of talented individuals who want to express their love for the cinematic arts through reviews and analyses.

As an extension of this vision, this blog was started in 2013. Since then we’ve worked on shorts, global collaborative film projects, corporate videography, all while developing a number of scripts… And working a 9-5 on the side. While we initially had a very different idea of the blog when we started out, it’s evolved to become something completely different since then.

Our vision for BTG Lifestyle is for this platform to continue to exist as a community of movie lovers and pop culture geeks who just want to share views and opinions of movies and series they love, and to take part in the global conversation around these.

Bridging The Gap is not just a lifestyle. It’s a film lifestyle. Which is infinitely more important.

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