About The BTG Lifestyle Movie Blog

What does BTG Stand for?

We get asked that a lot. BTG stands for Bridging The Gap. We started from the ground up; making “no-budget” films with starter equipment and non-professional cast. We built this blog from nothing and created a platform for film lovers to share their insights.

The aim was – and will always remain – to make connections and build a community who have a ton of talent and drive but lack the resources to make it happen.

We know these people exist because we are these people.

But BTG is not just about the blind leading the blind. If anything, BTG’s main aim is to bridge the gap between the people who have the resources and experience, and those who don’t. Learning from each other and building our community together.

What does the BTG Collective do?

This site is a product of the BTG collective. We populate the site with news posts, reviews, film analyses, movie trailers, and highlights from the wonderful world of film.

But we’re not all talk.

We create short films too, and have a few scripts in the pipeline.

We’re often involved with community projects and any work to help people out if they could use our talents. Because bridging the gap is about sharing, too.

What can I expect from this website?

The BTG lifestyle Movie Blog is all about the film world. Film is something that has multiple layers and genres that can appeal to anyone. It might be a big-budget blockbuster, an arthouse film, an animated short film or an in-depth documentary.

Film has something for everyone and our aim is to have our blog be the same way. We don’t just speak about one type of film or certain elements of it.

This site is not one-dimensional.

We have always felt that film – much like any other art form – is open to interpretation. And this is ours. The BTG Lifestyle brand is synonymous with film, the aural and visual illustration of what makes us human.

We’ll do our best to bring in-depth film analyses, movie previews, spoiler-free movie reviews and thoughts about all things film that we love, and hate.

Remember this blog is about the community too, so if you have a view you want to bring across, why not collaborate with us and be a guest writer? We’d like to hear from you.

Also, follow us on Twitter @btglifestyle and share our BTG Lifestyle Facebook page. Alternatively you can contact us on email at info [at] btglifestyle.com

Image by Kirra at Red Photography.

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